Welcome to the SLO Pickleball Club website

Why we play Pickleball in San Luis Obispo?

  • We are FIRST & FOREMOST all about having fun & laughing ……. a group of fun-loving, friendly folks and would love for you to come play with us.
  •  IF YOU’VE NOT TRIED THIS FAST-GROWING SPORT……..We have volunteers to teach you on Wednesday afternoons at LUDWIG COMMUNITY CENTER on Santa Rosa St from 11:30 Noon to 2:00Pm.
  • LASTLY, San Luis Obispo has the best weather for playing pickleball on the Central Coast!

Please come join us!   It is guaranteed you’ll laugh and have fun!

What is Pickleball anyway?

  • Has nothing to do with pickles
  • Is among the fastest growing sports in the country
  • Is sort of like tennis – but different; Is sort of like racquetball – but different; Is sort of like badminton – but different; Is sort of like table tennis – but different
  • Uses a ball sort of like a whiffleball – but different
  • Uses a court like tennis – but smaller (less running)
  • Uses a paddle
  • Is fast moving – requires quickness
  • Is just a great game

Explore our website for more information!

If you’ve played Pickleball and are visiting, we welcome you to come join us at one of our venues! Click here for times, places & directions.