Court Etiquette & The Rules

From Kathy Thomas, USAPA Co-District Ambassador:

No player should question an opponent’s line calls unless asked. (Rule 6.D.5). If your opponent asks you to make a call, they must accept your call. (Rule 6.D.5).  Likewise, a player should not question the legality of an opponent’s serve or service-line foot faults.  A player’s partner should.  During recreational play, non-volley zone faults may be called by any player on either team. (Rule 9.G)  However, simple courtesy suggests you should only call them on your opponent if they are clear and flagrant.  Remember, in recreational play we should try to win, but more, we all want to become better players.  Working together we can do both while accomplishing our number one goal: having fun.

In memory of our friend from Paso, Curtis Mortenson, who used to tell us: You can play pickleball to get better or to win. Doing the former will result in the latter.

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