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  • Q: What happens if I forget my password or want to reset my password?
    A: Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Click this link to go to the lost password dialog  http://slopickleball.org/wp-login.php
    2. Enter your email address and click Get New Password
    3. The web page will refresh asking for User Name & Password (ignore this), but above that is a message to Check your email for the confirmation link.
    4. Within 3-5 minutes you should receive an email from WordPress  with the subject [SLO Pickleball Club] Password Reset If you don’t see the email, be sure to check you Junk/Spam folder.
      Here is what the email will look like:


    The link will take you to a web page like the one below:


    Erase the long complicated password and enter one of your own. If you use a combination of lower, upper, numbers & special characters that is at least 11 characters long you can achieve a strong password. Finally, click the Reset Password button. If your password was accepted, you will receive a confirmation page.

  • Q: How do I update my Member Profile ?
    A: Follow the steps below:

    • If you have not logged in, click the Log in link in the upper left of the website and enter your username & password
    • Once you have logged in, mouse over the Howdy, yourname in the top right of the website and choose Profile | Edit

    When you are editing fields, you can choose to make each field view-able by Everyone, Members, Friends, or Only You. If you want to change your login Username, you will have to .

  • Q: How do I update my Member Profile Picture?
    A: There are two photo images in your profile, the Profile Photo and the Cover Image. The Profile Photo is a small square image of just your face that appears next your name in various places. The Cover Image is a rectangular photo that appears behind your Profile Photo when someone is viewing your member profile. You can see the placeholders for these in the Member Profile page.
    First, follow the steps for updating your Member Profile, then the steps below:

    • Instead of clicking Edit, click Change Profile Photo or Change Cover Image
    • Click Select File button and navigate to the photo you want to use and click Open


Playing Pickleball

Club Administration

  • Q: What are the procedures for recording attendance?
    A: We record attendance by counting the City Waiver forms that were signed for that date.

    • If you are the one putting the nets away, we ask that you record the Attendance Count on the Attendance Stats page that is in the notebook.
    • Count the City Waiver forms that were signed for that date and write that number in the Player Count column.
    • If there are City Waiver forms for a previous date that were not recorded, please enter the count for those days also. The city comes by periodically and picks up the signed waiver forms, so if they do that before we have recorded the counts, we don’t have any attendance data for those dates.
    • If you are also updating the online SLOPB_Attendance spreadsheet, please enter the counts in the spaces provided and select your name as Updated By. On the Attendance Stats sheet in the notebook, put a checkmark next to the player counts you have updated online so someone else won’t try to update the spreadsheet for those days also.