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Paddle Demos @ Morro Bay – Sat 7/22 9:00 – 12:00

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : July 21, 2017 9:07 am : News

Subject: Paddle demos

Pickler reminder:

Saturday, July 22, 9-noon, we will have a variety of paddles for people to demo, a scale to help you determine the weight range you like best, and a tape measure to check handle size.

We will also have free breakfast goodies… and discount information should you decide to order a new paddle.

Please join us at Morro Bay Pickleball…Del Mar Park, Morro Bay, CA.

Kathryn Thomas
MBAA Pickleball Program Director

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President’s Monthly Message & News For JULY, 2017

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : July 14, 2017 2:05 pm : News


Happy JULY Birthdays to You!

Albert Aji – 22nd
Mary Freeman – 20th
Craig Levin – 20th
Danny Levine – 12th
Terri Monell – 23rd
Sande Rutstein – 12th
Jan Smith – 17th
Christie Withers – 15th

The July Board of Directors meeting was VERY productive! The Board is working very, very hard to improve its status from that of a “Club” to a Non-Profit Corporation.

In a nutshell, so we can fund-raise while keeping the membership dues affordable. Without the 501(c)3 non-profit status, the Club cannot provide a legitimate tax write-off nor reach out to local businesses for their support for either financial donations or in-kind contributions of merchandise. This has hindered the Club’s success in fundraising in the past. It’s time for the SLO Pickleball Club to begin to provide its fair-share of project funding with the City of San Luis Obispo Parks and Recreation Department for the acquisition of new permanent courts and improvements to existing courts. Read more here……


WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO TAKE A FEW MINUTES TO READ the Proposed Non-Profit Corporation Bylaws.

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO LET THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS AND IDEAS, including any concerns you may have, regarding the Proposed Non-Profit Corporation Bylaws. There will be a TWO WEEK window of opportunity for you to comment.


Your acquiesce will be considered affirmation of the SLO Pickleball Club’s moving forward with the Non-Profit Corporation status and approval of the Proposed Non-Profit Corporation Bylaws.

NEXT STEPS The SLO Pickleball Club’s Board of Directors, after review and consideration of comments from the membership, may be taking the necessary steps (as required by the IRS and State of California) to activate its Non-Profit Corporation status at the August 8, 2017 Board of Directors Meeting.

Other News

A DRAFT SLO Pickleball Club tri-fold brochure was approved at the July 11, 2017 Board Meeting, as presented by Betsy Asmus, Publicity Chair. The brochure features three venues (Ludwick, Meadow and French), “Offering courts for pickleball play every weekday morning”. It also gives a shout-out to follow us on Facebook and our website, and provides basic information about pickleball opportunities in the City of San Luis Obispo for visitors, guests and new members.

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Board of Directors Term Rotation per new DRAFT Bylaws

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : July 14, 2017 1:36 pm : News

The following diagram graphically shows the term rotation of the current and future Board of Directors as proposed in the new DRAFT bylaws. This is the same as the current bylaws.

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DRAFT Bylaws for the new Non-profit Corporation – Open for comments until 7/28

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : July 14, 2017 1:22 pm : News

The process of creating a new Non-profit Corporation involves accepting a new set of bylaws.

The current bylaws do not contain all the specific language required by the IRS & the State of California to grant non-profit status so we had to modify them.

Part of the process of becoming a non-profit corporation involves transferring the assets & members from the informal club to the non-profit corporation and dissolving the informal club along with it’s bylaws. Therefore, we are not changing the existing bylaws, we are forming a new entity with new bylaws voted on by the BOD. This is the same as when the club was initially formed in 2015.

In the spirit of transparency, we are publishing the DRAFT bylaws that the BOD intends to accept as part of the formation of the non-profit corporation. We encourage any input or comments from current paid members. This comment period will close at midnight on Friday 7/28. You can provide public comments by clicking the Leave a response >> link just below this post. You can also email your comments to Jim Zeeb  Please provide all comments in writing.  Thanks.

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Why are we changing to a Non-profit Corporation?

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : June 30, 2017 9:30 pm : News

Our club’s mission statement is “To promote the game of pickleball in the city of San Luis Obispo, and to work with the city to create permanent pickleball courts.”

We certainly have promoted the game of pickleball, but we still need more courts, especially permanent pickleball courts, to accommodate play for our 100+ members and additional non-members. Many other clubs in the area have permanent courts, but the money to build those courts came partly from the municipality and partly from fund raising by the local club.

We had a fund raiser last fall. When we went out to businesses and individuals in the area to solicit donations, the first thing they asked was whether we were a non-profit and would their donation be tax deductible. When our answer was No, they declined to donate.  Santa Barbara is in the process of converting some of their public tennis courts into pickleball courts. I saw a sign down there that they were trying to raise $8000 to resurface the court and put up four pickleball nets and lines. They wanted an additional $4000 to put fencing between the courts. So for $12,000 you can convert one tennis court into four pickleball courts.

The city of SLO has allocated some funds for permanent pickleball courts, but they expect the local club to provide additional funds. Our dues are only $20 per year, where most of the other clubs in the area are $100 – $120 per year. Our dues are meant to cover the basic expenses of running the club and providing loaner paddles, balls & nets. We will need to fund-raise to provide money for permanent courts. That is why we need to be a non-profit corporation.

What is involved in becoming a non-profit?

First you form a non-profit corporation. Then you apply for non-profit status from the IRS and the State Franchise Tax Board. The current club BOD will execute an offer to the non-profit to transfer existing assets. Once non-profit status is approved the corporation elects directors, adopts the corporation bylaws, accepts the offer to transfer assets, authorizes opening a bank account, etc.

We elected to take the DIY method of forming the non-profit rather than having an attorney do it. There are some very good books on all the steps and forms to submit and the whole process has gotten much simpler in recent years. We have formed the corporation, submitted for approval and been approved as a non-profit by both the IRS and California. This whole process has cost about $400 to buy the book and pay all the filing fees.

Where we are now is that we are working on the bylaws for the non-profit. There is some specific language that needs to be in the bylaws to qualify as a non-profit. We took our current bylaws and added that language. There were also some other areas in the bylaws that we realized should be changed also. The BOD has had several meetings to discuss and modify the bylaws. We will be providing a separate web post with a synopsis of the draft bylaws changes.

If anyone has questions on our transition from an informal club to a non-profit corporation, please contact me:

Jim Zeeb at or 303-674-1964


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President’s Monthly Message & News for June, 2017  

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : June 30, 2017 1:10 pm : News

(just a reminder to pass on to our summertime visitors)

Mon Wed Fri – Meadow Park      Mon Thur Fri – E. A. French Park     Tues Thurs – E.A. French Park             Ludwick Comm. Center
2333 Meadow St. & South St.     Tennis Court – 1040 Fuller St.         Basketball Court – 1040 Fuller St.      864 Santa Rosa & Walnut
San Luis Obispo                          San Luis Obispo                               San Luis Obispo                                   San Luis Obispo
9:00AM to 11:30AM                     8:00AM to Noon                               9:00AM to Noon                                  11:30AM to 2:00PM

Happy JUNE Birthdays to You!

Sally Brooks-Schulke – June 2
Peter Salcedo – June 13
Joanna “Jo Jo” Bobbitt – June 14
Pauline Menon – June 16
June Minikel – June 30

With the news from our SLO Ambassador, we’ve added another milestone!  Thanks to Jean’s efforts, the sport of Pickleball is again on the City of San Luis Obispo, Parks & Recreation’s department agenda.  There will be more discussion regarding the possibility of permanent pickleball courts at French Park.  It will be a long process, however, there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Stay tuned.  Jean will direct us regarding when/if club members should be in attendance for any upcoming Parks & Rec meetings at City Hall.

The June Board of Directors meeting was lively and exciting!  The Board is working very, very hard to change the status of the club from a non-profit organization to a non-profit corporation.  Why?  Because once we gain status as a 501c3, we will be in a position to officially fundraise!  This is extremely important for the future fiscal health of the Club.   Membership dues are only a very small portion of the Club’s budget.

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Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : June 23, 2017 7:42 pm : News

Today I received  a phone call from Rich Ogden, from the Department of Recreation and Parks.  The San Luis Obispo City Council had their budget meeting last week and the application for funds from the budget committee for the advancement of facilities for pickleball in the city of San Luis Obispo was passed.  We do not know the exact amount that will be allotted for our continuing expansion but as soon as I find out I will pass the information on to all you faithful pickleball members.  We have worked long and hard to get our desires known to the Department of Recreation and Parks, but this approval by the City Council takes it to a whole different level.

There are plans in the works to move the basketball courts from the upper French Park pickleball venue and creating “Exclusive, permanent courts”  on that site JUST FOR PICKLEBALL.  Yea!  As always nothing happens over night but an old Scottish saying  “SLOWLY, SLOWLY, CATCHEE MONKEY” seems to be our fate.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all your help, your caring, your participation, and most of all our love of pickleball and of each other.   With kindness all things are possible.

Hugs,  Jean

Jean Hyduchak,
USAPA Ambassador, San Luis Obispo, Calif.

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President’s Monthly Message & News for May, 2017

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : May 15, 2017 8:54 pm : News

Monthly Message & News

REMINDER: Please come join your fellow club members on Saturday, June 3rd at the Cambria Pickleball Courts! Let’s honor all those early Sunday morning practices and drills by Coach Tom Athey and give it our best shot! A Pot Luck lunch will follow the matches so come on out for a fun celebration; no matter the results – it’s about doing our best and most important of all . . . Having FUN PLAYING PICKLEBALL!

Well, can you believe . . . we actually have four courts to play Pickleball on at French Park! AND, it’s been a very, very busy venue, indeed! Let’s not forget our first outdoor venue – Meadow Park on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s from 9AM to 11:30AM! John and Jean Hyduchak have volunteered to be “court hosts” at Meadow so the nets, balls, etc. will be available for play.
Court Schedules (it’s complicated) NOTE: Ludwig is designated for “beginner level.”

Mon Wed Fri – Meadow Park
2333 Meadow St. & South St.
San Luis Obispo
9:00AM to 11:30AM

Mon Thur Fri – E. A. French Park
Tennis Court – 1040 Fuller St.
San Luis Obispo
8:00AM to Noon

Tues Thurs – E.A. French Park
Basketball Court – 1040 Fuller St.
San Luis Obispo
9:00AM to Noon

Wed – Ludwick Comm. Center
864 Santa Rosa & Walnut
San Luis Obispo
11:30AM to 2:00PM

You can also view the calendar on our website

Paso Robles Wine Country Classic was a HUGE success with over 190 signed up players! SLO’s own Jim Zeeb & your’s truly took a bronze in the 3.0 division of 50+ (we’re still trying to figure out how that happened, but it was certainly a nice surprise.)

You may have noticed a clip board going around to collect members’ birthday info! Just the day & month so we can honor your special day each month. Happy Birthday to all the May Birthdays –

Happy May Birthdays to You!

Betsy Asmus May 2
David Ciano May 3
Nancy Hair May 3
Carolyn Blackman May 11
Bobbi Binder May 15
Mary Lou Sumi May 19
Jacci Abram May 23
Helen Zeeb May 28

If we missed you, just send us an email so we can get you listed. Thanks.

By-Laws committee will be meeting to work on updating our by-laws so that we can proceed with becoming a legitimate non-profit corporation. Jim Zeeb has beem working on getting the paperwork completed. John Stocksdale, Betsy Asmus, Jim Zeeb and myself will be working together refining the By-Laws to meet the Federal & State non-profit corporation requirements.

Many of you have purchased SLOPB T-shirts which will be imprinted with our logo in time for the June 3rd Cambria Team Challenge. We will wear them proud! Thanks to Diane Harrison for creating the Logo, to Jim Zeeb & Bobbi Binder for finding a local supplier, and to ALL you Pickler’s for making a purchase! Thank you for your support! J. Carroll will be setting up a WebStore for our club so that you will be able to order a variety of tee-shirts in 30 different colors – long sleeves, etc. etc. with the San Luis Obispo Pickleball logo. Jim Zeeb will be working with J.Carroll on setting that up! Look for a facebook/website news item with more details.

Morro Bay is busy getting prepared for another fun tournament at their courts, “Stars & Stripes Tournament.” It will be nothing less than a very spectacular celebration for the 4th of July! Costumes are encouraged and recommended to help celebrate our Country’s Birthday! Date is JULY 2ND – no doubt some of our club members will sign up and play.

Bobbi Binder

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New Tournament Calendar Feature

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : January 24, 2017 1:41 am : News, Tournaments

We now have a calendar of upcoming pickleball tournaments in and around SLO. This can be accessed from the Calendar web page.

This lists the dates, location and description of the tournament and will also let you know how to get additional info on the tournament. Be sure to use the Agenda view of the calendar for the best results.

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President’s Monthly Message & News for December, 2016

Webmaster (Jim Zeeb) : December 29, 2016 10:07 pm : News


Following up these wishes, we had our annual Holiday Ugly Sweater, Pickleball Play Date, and Pot Luck!  WOW!  What a great turn out!  Because we had so many Pickler’s come out to play (35!) we had to limit the games to “first to reach 7 by two points.”  I want to also acknowledge other Ambassadors in attendance and thank them for coming.  Thank you Kathy Thomas from Morro Bay and Jos Hilden from Cambria!   

What a FEAST!  We have some very talented gourmet cooks amongst us.  I already gained my 10# limit and it’s only December 13th!   Thank you so very much to all who contributed to the success of this POT LUCK & FUN DAY.  The weather cooperated and it was a gorgeous day to play PB!   Judi Boscaro made the “fig & cheese pinwheels.”  They were so delicious!  Also, I’d like to acknowledge those who quietly and “behind the scenes” helped to make this a fantastic success!  You know who you are!  Congratulations to all those who participated in the Ugly Sweater contest – several received Club purchased prizes for their efforts, but John Stocksdale took the prized Santa Claus trophy for his pickleball decorated sweater!  (Save it for next year, John, to pass on!)

News from the December Board Meeting:

  • Votes for the Club Logo were completed and our WebMaster posted the results to the website and Facebook that evening.
  • Betsy Asmus has volunteered to join the ByLaws Committee with John Stocksdale & Bobbi Binder.  Betsy has already volunteered to be the Chair for the Publicity Committee.  If you have any news/views, etc. to help promote our club, be sure to let Betsy know!
  • Jim Zeeb has volunteered to work towards getting the Club set up as a non-profit.
  • Jean Hyduchak reported that the Pickleball Lining of the French Park Tennis Court will take place sometime in January.  She has worked diligently with the Parks & Rec folks to make this happen.  Thank you, Jean!  Stay tuned for the exact date, etc. when we will begin playing on our added venue!
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