“The Slam Dink” January Edition


Notice of first Board of Directors Meeting for 2018

Hello Club Members, This is just a brief message before our first Board of Directors meeting in 2018. We will be holding our first meeting on Tuesday, January 9th. The Agenda for this and all other meetings will be posted under the "News" section on the club website 7 days before the meeting for anyone interested. ... More

January Agenda 2018


New Officers & Director for 2018-19

President: Brian O'Kelly Secretary: Bronwyn Rafferty Director 1: Jean Hyduchak Many thanks for the past officers who served two years in these positions--Bobbi Binder, president; Sally Brooks-Shulke, secretary; and John Stocksdale, Director. More

Skill Ratings & Goals Guide – The Pickleball Guru


Pickleball Ratings Guide – Greater OKC Pickleball Club

What is my pickleball rating? Click the link above to find out! More

Surf City Pickleball Tournament – Aug 3-5, 2018


Playing Tip: For All You Big Swingers

Some sports rely on big backswings for returning shots. In pickleball, this isn’t so. For one thing, the court is short so the ball doesn’t have to go very far. Secondly, the pace of volleys is fast so there really isn’t time to take a backswing. Good players learn to punch the ball. You punch a volley shot by ... More

Check out our cool new club brochure

Thanks so much to Betsy Asmus for designing and making this beautiful brochure about our club. More

Simi Valley Round Robin – Sep 30, 2017