Playing Tip: Silent Partners are for Business

Silent partners may be good in business, and sometimes in marriage, but they do not make good pickleball partners.

Communication between partners helps avoid unforced errors that come when you expect something from your partner and he doesn’t do it. The best partners move as a single force: together at the baseline, together at the net, together in their strategy.

Yours and mine are the most important words you can exchange. Get used to it by trying to call every shot. Even if you agree in advance that the partner on the left will take the shots in the middle, you should still call them.

Bounce it should also be used frequently. This means you think the ball may be out and you are alerting your partner not to hit it until you see where it lands.

When you are not side by side with your partner, give directional clues. Tell him or her to move up, or to go back when necessary. Shout switch when you are behind your partner and want her to cross to the other side.

Complimenting good shots and shaking off errors also helps pump up a partner and makes a stronger team.

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