Rule Review: The Net Rules

A player, the player’s paddle, or anything the player is wearing cannot touch the net or the net post at any time when a ball is in play.

Playing Tip: Jeepers Creepers

When your team is serving you should stay back at the baseline until the opponent’s return of serve bounces. Some of us, me included, have a tendency to creep forward whether we are the server or the server’s partner. Creeping forward leaves you in an awkward position that your opponents can readily turn to their advantage.

If you see someone on the serving team creep forward you should send your return of serve right at them. More often than not, they will hit the ball before it bounces (a fault) or they will fumble to move backwards as the ball bounces at their feet or side. So pay attention to your opponent’s position. If he is foolish enough to creep forward, you know what to do.

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