Rule Review: What’s the Limit?

1. How many times can you serve a let ball and get another chance to serve?

2. How high can the score go in a pickleball game?

3. How many toes can cross the kitchen line before it is a fault?

4. How high is a pickleball net in the middle, ends?

5. How many people can play pickleball at once on a tennis court?


1. As many times as it takes to get it right.

2. As high as you can count or until the game is called for darkness.

3. Only one toe, or any part of your shoe.

4. 34 inches in the middle, 36 inches at the ends.

5. Sixteen players plus all the cheerleaders on the sidelines.

Playing Tip: How to Handle Bangers

 We seem to have more than our share of “bangers” at our drop-in play. Bangers are those hard hitting players who love the driving forehand shot and the big slams. Whether they carry this over from tennis and racquetball or not, they rely on a longer back swing and take advantage of every ball we send their way that is above waist high.

What can you do when you play against the bangers? First, be sure you always have your paddle up and ready. You have no chance at all if your paddle is dropped in front of you or at your side.

Be aware of your court position. Get to the kitchen line for optimum position, or stay at the baseline. But don’t get caught mid-court where you have little chance to deflect the ball or to return a controlled shot.

When you know you are about to get slammed, just hold your paddle out in a protective defense position and hope for the best. Sometimes you get lucky.

All of the above suggestions are defensive. Best strategy is to go on the offensive and prevent the bangers from playing their favorite game. That means hit soft serves and soft balls to bangers so they can’t benefit from speed you put on the ball. And by the third shot you should be at the kitchen line getting into a dinking volley with them.

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